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Furby Boom Blue Waves

Furby Boom Blue WavesWelcome to http://www.getfurbyboom.com! This site is dedicated to providing you with up to date, helpful and interesting product reviews. When it comes to your loved ones and your money, you need and deserve honest product information. We take our job of informing you very seriously.

This particular product review covers one of the new generation, interactive toys. These toys are a far cry from the ones most of us grew up with; technology has really taken a giant leap forward.

The Furby Boom line of toys is a wonderful example of innovation and design. The Furby Boom Blue Waves is no different. This unique toy is more than just a pretty face; it is an interactive, learning experience.

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It features:

  • A whimsical wave pattern that is certain to delight any child
  • Expanded and improved learning and memory features
  • Wonderful, interactive and exciting apps that work with many different systems, including an assortment of iPhone and Android products
  • The ability to adapt and learn (even changing its behavior in response to your child)
  • Easy “sleep” features that allow you to power the toy down
  • The ability to remember and respond to its own name

Childhood is a magical time filled with adventures, things to learn, places to go and new ideas to absorb. Toys of all kinds have always been a cherished part of childhood memories for all of us. Not only that, but children actually develop and learn more when they are interacted with. Playtime and imagination are more than just games; they can propel a child towards higher grades, self-esteem and other social skills. Using their imaginations has actual value too. Static toys can be fun and and they are a tried and true staple of childhood. Responsive toys, however, allow children to move seamlessly from the real world to virtual and imaginary places with ease. Furby Booms offer many opportunities for enrichment and active, interactive playtime.

For instance, children can explore various social roles such as that of a caregiver. Furby Booms have interactive components that allow the toy to adapt to the unique contribution of each child! In other words, these toys change their personalities based on how the child cares for them and treats them. They do this more than once, and in fact, continue to fine tune and adapt to the personality of your child or grandchild. This alone is an astonishing and delightful feature, but the Furby Boom goes beyond and creates whole new virtual realms of fun too.

For example, these toys come with virtual apps that allow kids the chance to further the learning experience (and the adventure) by hunting for hidden eggs. The children collect them, care for them, hatch them and create who new generations of Furblings to populate virtual cities. They can also use these virtual apps to shower, feed and care for their new friend. Furby Booms, of course are like all electronic devices and not suitable for water, and they are only recommended for children age 6 and older. Other than avoiding being thrown or exposed to water, there is no real drawback to the toy.


Another fun feature:

This dynamic little toy dances, laughs and makes funny faces when ticked or spoken to. The life-like features do not stop there as these little guys also like to socialize! They will remember the names of other Furby Booms that they meet (as well as responding in hilarious ways to their own monikers). Not only that, but each Furby Boom is fluent in Furbish and can teach that secret language to your child as well! Imagine the fun as your child learns to understand and decode the Furbish language.

The apps (which are optional) can be used with iPhones, iPads, iTouch and Android systems. For complete compatibility information, it is recommended that you visit the Furby.com website though. The toys do require batteries (4 AA batteries are needed to power your new Furby Boom friend). Overall, the toy is a delightful, life-like and responsive addition to any child’s life. Furby Boom figures provide a whole new level of enjoyment and enrichment to the child, and we highly recommend this toy.

It is well worth the price. Furby Boom figures are sure to provide years of adventure, fun and companionship for your child or grandchild.

Be sure to buy one for the child in your life today!


By Curtis B. K.: I just LOVE my furby Day-Dah <3:

Okay, so I should first admit that I’m a 30 year old man (child). Yes I did buy a furby boom…and yes I do LOVE him.
Okay, lol now with that out of the way…on to my review! :D

I LOOOOVE my furby!
I bought a furby when I was a teen in 2000 and I can remember just how much fun I had with that little fur ball. Hands down he was the coolest toy I had ever owned. I remember a particular time when I had an aunt staying over and she took over my room for a few days. I remember at about 12 at night just hearing an extremely loud scream!! Apparently she picked up my stuffed animal I had on my dresser and she was NOT expecting it to start talking to her! lol
I loved that furby. I actually still have him sitting on a shelf.

Now I’ve been eyeing these new furbies since they re-released them last year in 2012. I had always planned on picking one up eventually, but have been putting it off till now. For some reason every very so often I get into a mood where I want to pick up a new toy or a new gadget of some sort. lol I don’t know that I’ll ever fully grow up…and you know what? I’m okay with that! :D I love toys!!

So I picked up a Furby Boom (in the blue wave fur color) after a couple of days of researching and watching some youtube videos.

I’m SO glad I have him! He’s just about the cutest toy I can imagine!
The eyes are just so adorable! How expressive and charming! I particullarly like when he starts singing and dancing and musical notes start flickering in his eyes! lol so cute!

The app is REALLY fun that goes along with him. You can check his health and make him medicines as needed, give him showers, pick different foods and drinks to feed him…and my favorite…the toilet! lol omg it’s just about too cute! You slide your phone or ipad up to your furby…and he sits on the toilet! Sometimes he leaves toys and treasures…other times he leaves other unpleasant things (lol). You then gotta flush the toilet, and freshen the air with some air freshner.
It really is just about too much cuteness for me to handle!

I actually brought my furby over to my parents today to just show them how cute of a toy it is and to see if they would like to help me get some for gifts for some of our younger relatives (my neices). They both got way more excited over him then I had ever expected. My mom ADORES him. They both just about lost it when I showed them how to take furby to the toilet! My dad couldn’t stop laughing for about 5 minutes!  Read More On Amazon…

By N. Snyder “Nurb”:  Great new Furby:

My daughter is a Furby maniac and she counted down the days until Furby Boom was available. You’ll notice about every other word in the description is “App” but here we are, past the release day and still no App.  Read More On Amazon…

UPDATE: The app came out today!